Yet another pastebin

Pastebins are the next step in the evolution of a software developer, right after finishing hello worlds and static site generators. They are limited terms of features (or not … ahem) but require some form of dynamisms in order to receive and store user input and make it available upon request. Of course, everyone has different ideas what a pastebin should do and in what language it should be written. And because I am in no way different, I had to write my own: the wastebin pastebin that ticks the following boxes:

  • Written in Rust for ease of deployment.
  • SQLite instead of a full-fledged database server or flat files.
  • Paste expiration.
  • Minimalist appearance.
  • Syntax highlighting.
  • Line numbers.

bin – from which wastebin takes huge inspiration in terms of UI – was almost there but the lack of expiration and flat-file storage was a no-go. Moreover, I sincerely think axum has a more solid foundation than Rocket. Enough reasons to do it myself.