wastebin 2: electric boogaloo

It has been almost a month already since I released the first major breaking release of my minimalist pastebin. The main reason to bump the major version was due to streamlining routes especially dropping the /api ones and adding query parameters where it made sense. In between my last post and version two, there have been many other non-breaking changes like correct caching (of course …), more keybinds, better looking user interface, minor fixes and a demo site hosted here.

Currently, I am preparing everything to make the move to the upcoming breaking 0.6 release of axum. But more importantly, I am investigating ideas how to get rid of syntect, the syntax highlighting library. My main issue with that library is that themes have to be in Sublime Text theme format which leaves a lot of nice light/dark themes on the table. My current approach is a tree-sitter based library that bundles a bunch of tree-sitter grammars and uses helix themes to highlight the parsed names. While it works alright, distributing it as a crate is a pain in the ass because only a fraction keeps publishing updated grammars on crates.io. So, next idea is perhaps bundling it via Git submodules. Let’s see.