Updates in Vimland 2015

It’s time for the forth installment of updates concerning my Vim configuration. Unlike previous years, I made a lot less changes to my .vimrc over the year. Although, my Vim configuration converges towards a stable setup, I am still not one hundred percent satisfied with. My biggest gripe is a change in NeoComplete that sometimes completes gibberish at inappropriate times, for example when I hit the return key for a new line, NeoComplete it completes whatever it suggested on the previous line.

You will be surprised to hear that I sticked with Plug as my go-to plugin manager. There is no new one on the scene or at least none that would make any difference. However, I started to lazy-load all plugins as much as possible in order to improve startup latencies.

The behind-the-scences plugin highlight of the year is Gutentags. It’s a non-obtrusive way to generate tags for a project. Before that I updated the Ctags file with a keymap, however, that obviously causes out-of-sync problems from time to time. But these times are long forgotten.

Concerning newly acquired builtin Vim mechanics: I fully embraced the f, t, ; and , keys that I wrote about, resulting in huge productivity gains!

That’s it for this year. If you have any Vim secret sauce: let me know!