Noerdbier launch

Craft beer and home brewing is a hip topic for quite some time already. For almost three years now, two friends of mine and I have been brewing various top-fermented beers. We started with small batches made entirely by hand and went up to semi-automatic mashing and better controlled equipment1.

Although we tried to document the entire brewing and fermenting process from the get-go, we were always lacking the discipline to keep a good journal. Moreover, we did not have a place to store this in an accessible way for later review of the final products. In the long run, this would have helped improving our recipes over time. Better late than never, Max sat down and made this thing a reality: our Jekyll-based Noerdbier home. Right now, you can find our current batch of a dry-hoped IPA, a regular stout and a chocolatey modification of that stout. So, if you speak German, head over to


You can find our open source control software at GitHub.