Moving to Jekyll 1.0

I was happy to see that Jekyll 1.0 was released today and of course I was eager to move on. Because subcommands are the latest shit now, the --no-auto option and the destination directory weren’t working in the Git post-receive hook. Additionally, the auto: true statement in my _config.yml caused Jekyll to scream at me. Also, Jekyll told me that it could not find a matches method in the Markdown converter, which seems to be required nowadays. Nevertheless, all these problems are easily fixed.

But I also noticed that syntax highlighting and the typogruby enhancements were silently gone. Problem was, that my Kramdown converter was not used for the Markdown input, even though the matches method looks for the .md extension. The easiest fix? Use a dummy Markdown extension in _config.yml

markdown_ext: foo

and the default converter will be skipped. Apart from these minor problems, the Jekyll move went smoothly.

Update: Juan Antonio Navarro Pérez kindly uploaded a version of the “Kramdown + Pygments” converter to GitHub.