Git and OpenCL introductory slides

Today was the last day of a workshop organized by the KSETA grad school. It’s an interdisclipinary grad school focused mainly towards theoretical and experimental physicists but also enrolls engineering and computing students. All participants had to prepare an introductional tutorial-like talk either about some technology or something related to their day-to-day work.

I decided for the first option and gave two talks: one on Git, the other on OpenCL. My main goal was to tell everyone, how these tools can make life easier and that these technologies are nothing to be scared off. Both talks were aimed at total beginners and – still to my own surprise – well received.

If you want to use, extend or otherwise redistribute the content, you are free to do so. Both slide sets are hereby published under CC-BY-SA-3.0 with their sources available here and here. Note, that you probably have to adjust the theme and maybe also the font, if you do not like Adobe’s Source Sans Pro.