Going Zola

As easily witnessed, content frequency of the blog is at an all-time low. So what’s better than increasing it by writing about switching from Jekyll to Zola? Why, you ask? First, Jekyll is the only reason I have Ruby and gazillion of Jekyll dependencies installed even though I don’t understand a lick of the language. Second, every time there is a Jekyll update, I have to do something about some plugin breakage or live with some new warnings about this and that. Third, considering the application scope of a static site generator, it’s incredibly slow.

Actually, there was no urgency but I read about Zola and was hooked because it’s supposed to be fast (it is, taking a mere 100 ms to re-generate this blog) and it uses the same templating technology I used for splat. I won’t bore you with the conversion details but just want to point out this rewrite script which converts the Jekyll front matter which is written in YAML to TOML which is required by Zola.

All in all it was a straightforward conversion and I hope Zola will backing this blog for the next nine years as Jekyll did in the past.