Another interactive Git tool

Eight years ago (ouch …) I published a little tool to interactively cherry-pick commits from a branch. It’s still useful to me but ever so often I forget about the urwid dependency when re-installing it. Yada yada, so of course team Rewrite-in-Rust strikes again which means I can simply drop the statically linked binary into $PATH and not have to worry about Python and ncurses dependencies anymore.

And for the price of one you now get even two tools. Since I have to create a lot of feature, bugfix and whatnot branches, deleting them becomes painful as well even with tab-completion and fzf integration. So, in a similar vein to git pick the git prune-branches (git prune is a plumbing command to remove unreachable objects from the Git database) allows you to select a bunch of branches interactively and delete them in one go.