A waste calendar and map

As we all know public services are often underfunded or public websites more often than not of questionable usability. The waste calendar for the municipality of Karlsruhe is somewhere in between. It is not bad but not of much help for your fellow scavengers who like to re-use thrown away goods. For the past three years, I scraped that site with a small Python script and dumped a CSV file that people could use to plan their hunts. This worked well enough but I always only updated it begrudgingly because I was asked to do it rather than because I wanted to do it.

But I am motivated to hone my programming skills, so I took this little project, rewrote it in Rust, extracted road and date data and dumped everything into a small static site based on Vue and Leaflet.js. So, if you want to schedule your next hunt or find out where to play Pokémon GO in Karlsruhe without being disturbed, here is your chance.

P.S.: thanks Karlsruhe for that splendid API /s