2013 Redesign

For some time now, I was thinking about a redesign of the bloerg website. It was looking good but there were warts here and there and the style sheet was an unmaintable mess. Now that I had a talk with a friend about static site generation and design in general, I felt motivated enough to create a new style from scratch. In a couple of hours …

8 files changed, 221 insertions(+), 436 deletions(-)

I tried to keep the general idea of the old page but increase legibility by these measures:

  1. Larger font size (I’m probably getting old).
  2. PT Serif instead of PT Sans as the body font and Lato for headlines.
  3. Consistent use of relative em units throughout the site instead of a mixture of em, px and pt.
  4. Dumped the index with teaser texts in favor of a paginated list of all posts and a separate archive page.
  5. Wikipedia-like footnote highlighting.

There might be some glitches left. If you notice any, tell me and I will fix them as soon as possible.

Otherwise, farewell old page.