GNOME Weekly № 4

GNOME 3.31.3, the third unstable release on the road towards GNOME 3.32 has been released this week. Nevertheless — with Christmas around the corner — development pace has slowed down a bit and no formal request merges have been seen for GNOME shell and gjs. On the other hand, GNOME Dia — an application at the legal drinking age — has picked up steam again after two years of hiatus.


A notable change has been the merge of the RecordWindow API which allows to stream the content of individual windows through PipeWire. A few others improve small but annoying issues such as a jittery cursor when dragging windows as well as badly looking vignette effects and high resolution wallpapers.





Applications using GLib’s networking facilities are going to work better in mixed IPv4 and IPv6 environments with a partial implementation of RFC 8305.