A modern Beamer theme

Beamer is an awesome way to make slides with LaTeX. But I always felt that the stock themes do not necessarily look particularly nice and the custom themes often scream “Beamer” at first sight.

So, I sat down and made the mtheme


In the spirit of Jan Tschichold and Matthew Butterick, the theme tries to minimize visual noise and maximize space for content. Thus an ordinary slide is free of superfluous elements such as a navigation bar, progress indicators and heavy block elements. What’s left is all the necessary information: the frame titles, a frame number to refer to the slide and the actual content.


Yes, teal and orange is an annoying fad in movie productions but it is a refreshing choice for a presentation theme. Rather than using both colors all the time, a dark teal tone is used for the majority of the Beamer elements while orange is used to highlight bits and pieces such as \alert{} commands. Instead of going for an all-white background, I toned it down a tiny notch to reduce eye strain but keep the contrast high enough to easily discern individual letters.


Fira Sans is gorgeous typeface commissioned by Mozilla and designed by Carrois. It comes with an enormous amount of styles and features that cover even the most adventurous presentations. In the mtheme I used Fira Sans Light as the main font and the regular Fira Sans Book typeface for any heavier uses such as \textbf{}. Fira Sans Mono is a perfect match for lstlistings or minted environments.

Titles tend to be difficult to get right because of capitalization which almost always looks weird. I avoid this problem by lowercasing frame titles and set them in small capitals of Fira Sans Book.


In a presentation it can sometimes be difficult to go from one sub-topic to another. An elegant solution is to insert a slide whenever a new section starts. As a little gimmick, the mtheme features a tiny progress bar drawn with TikZ below the section title.

Chart styles

A visual representation of numerical data can help to draw conclusions about an issue quicker than large columns of numbers. Nevertheless, to achieve this honorable goal, this representation must focus on the data and avoid any redundant or unnecessary information by increasing the data-ink ratio, a term coined by Edward Tufte.

I like to use the pgfplots package to visualize two- and three-dimensional data sets but the default style is – although better than what Excel offers – not very impressive. To improve the look, I include the (horizontal) mbarplot and mlineplot styles which reduce the number of visual elements such as boxes and employ a color scheme that is (hopefully) easier on the eyes.


Even though this theme might give your presentation a somewhat “professional” look, you should focus on content first. Because the comments are not back yet, you can leave any feedback in this reddit thread.



The theme looks great, but is there any support for Windows? The minted package is near impossible to install properly on windows (no support), so is there an alternative version of the theme that uses, say, listings? For a non programmer who doesn’t know a ton about LaTeX, this is far from an install and go theme, and cannot compile unless you really know what you are doing (again, at least on windows).


There is no hard dependency on the minted package. It is only used to typeset the code examples in the demo presentation. The only hard requirements are XeTeX/fontspec, TikZ and pgfplots (but even that I could somehow out source if this is a serious problem on other platforms). Unfortunately, I cannot really help on Windows-specific problems since I do not currently have access to a machine with it.


How to you produce the dark section slide in the upper right corner of the image?


Such a slide is created whenever a new \section is started. However, in the current version this not dark anymore but bright.


How does on go about installing this theme into the personal texmf tree? I copy it in, and all the fonts can no longer be found.


The provided Makefile has an install target that should do the correct thing. What do you mean exactly by “all the fonts”?


First of all mtheme is a blast. However it would be appreciated if you provide some ‘readme’ slides in demo.tex about the more recent changes like title progressbar, blobkbg etc.


Problem solved. It seems like I had an older version of the files, one which required the Fonts folder to be located in the same directory as the .sty files. I grabbed the newest files, and it’s all good now.

By the way, the newest version on the files doesn’t have the dark section slides with the orange progress bar anymore. Is there a way to revert back to the old style?


By the way, the newest version on the files doesn’t have the dark section slides with the orange progress bar anymore. Is there a way to revert back to the old style?

I get this question asked a lot. Do people find the dark version really that much better? I used the darker version once but found the sudden change in color way too distracting so I changed it to the current version. But it seems I’ll have to add a package option to bring back the old behaviour.


Hello there, great template, thanks a lot for sharing!

Could you help me out with a small bug? When I use the make command from the terminal everything compiles nice and beautiful but when I do it from my sublime (I am on a Mac, using Sublime 3 and MacTex) I get the following error:

SimpleBuilder: pdflatex run 1; done.


/usr/local/texlive/2014basic/texmf-dist/tex/latex/fontspec/fontspec.sty:43: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [ }]

Do you know how I can bypass that?

Thank you very much!


Hi Konstantinos, as said in the README, you absolutely have to compile this with xetex rather than pdftex, so make sure that MacTeX uses the correct compiler. This is also why the make command runs through.


I tried compiling it with xetex but now I have problems with minted and with a missing flag:

./demo.tex:10: Package minted Error: You must invoke LaTeX with the -shell-escape flag. [] ./demo.tex:10: Package minted Error: You must have `pygmentize’ installed to use this package. []

For the first problem, do you happen to know where in Sublime 3 I can add the –shell-escape flag for the case of xelatex compiling? I have tried a few things but I can’t seem to get it to work.

For the second thing, any suggestions why pygmentize crushes? I have everything installed.

Thanks a lot for the help in advance, I promise this is the last question! :)


Unfortunately, I don’t use SublimeText so I cannot help you with that. The easiest probably would be to compile from a shell (i.e. running the terminal and cding into the directory with the demo). Also be sure to use -shell-escape with single dashes not two. The second problem comes from a missing pygmentize package which minted uses to highlight source code. You could also remove the minted stuff from the demo to compile. It is not a dependency for the theme itself.


Thanks a lot Matthias!

Your theme and your help are greatly appreciated!


Matthias, I have used both the old and new styles in presentations to get a feel for them. I agree that the dark is a bit too much of a drastic change, but on the other hand, it is nice that the section slides are a bit more distinguished than the white alternative. They break up the flow of slides a bit better. Plus, the dark slides just look cool. Although, the white section slides work well as they are , and the white background gives a better flow. I suppose you can chalk it up to personal preference. Having the option to go between the two styles would be a nice feature.

Additionally, for citations I commonly use the [1] format. Is there any way to disable the little file icon on the bibliography page so that the numbers show up instead?


Having the option to go between the two styles would be a nice feature.

I will try to come up with something during the weekend.

Additionally, for citations I commonly use the [1] format. Is there any way to disable the little file icon on the bibliography page so that the numbers show up instead?

I guess this answer might help you.


If people are compiling with LatexTools from Sublime-Text 3 then if you add %!TEX program = xelatex to the top of your file then this will switch your latex compiler to xelatex instead of pdflatex (this obviously depends on you having xelatex installed)


First of all thanks for this great template!

However, is there any way that mathematical equatons look as usual in beamer?

I think the change of font in that case is detrimental to the improvement obtained in the rest of the style.

Thanks for your time, Matthias.


However, is there any way that mathematical equatons look as usual in beamer?

I think the change of font in that case is detrimental to the improvement obtained in the rest of the style.

Hmm, I tried to match the style with the rest and as far as I can tell it should not look outrageously gross. If you could give me an example that does not look right, I am all ears.


Hi Matthias,

First of all: Great theme, thanks for your time and work!

I am facing the problem that I have to work on a joint project and my coauthor refuses to go the extra mile to use it (manual installation, compilation with xetex, etc).

Do you have plans to get this going as an ‘official theme’? (i.e. sourcefiles on ctan like e.g. komascript)



Hi Johannes,

Do you have plans to get this going as an ‘official theme’? (i.e. sourcefiles on ctan like e.g. komascript)

The question is, if this is even feasible. I don’t know if it makes much sense to put up a theme that strongly depends on a particular font without re-packaging that font again and still requiring XeTeX. So, as of now, I don’t have such a plan but others are very welcome to package the theme for CTAN.

By the way, if your colleague does not want to the installation himself, you may also use web-based services such as ShareLaTeX or Overleaf to collaborate. Both services provide mtheme templates.


Excellent theme! I was wondering, how do you modify the options that you specify in https://github.com/matze/mtheme. Example, where would I be entering the nooffset option? I’m using your theme template as part of overleaf.


To use an option, you pass them to the \usetheme command, i.e. \usetheme[nooffset]{m}.


Hi Matthias,

i reinstalled TexLive 14 and also many time Fira fonts …. I always get the same error

The font “Fira Sans Light” cannot be found

I am using MacOSX … spent a lot of time… without any result. Can you help?


Hi Naim,

unfortunately I don’t have access to a Mac but you could open an issue on GitHub. Maybe someone else can chime in. Alternatively, you could try a current version of the theme with LuaTeX and see if that helps.


@Monika, you can use this: \setbeamertemplate{bibliography item}[text]

Amazing theme, thank you Matthias!

Marc godin

Your theme is juste awesome it’s a beamer theme revival


Hey Matthias,

I really like the sleek style of your theme. First try to make a presentation with Latex and really relieved that I don’t need to use one of the pretty overloaded standard themes.

I have some slides followed by a plain ‘Questions’ introduction. After that are additional slides that should support the Q&A part. So I wondered if there’s a way where I can put some additional frames at the end of a presentation that doesn’t count to the overall progress? It would be irritating if the progressbar at the last slide of the main part is at half and then suddenly ‘Questions’.

Thanks in advance


Sorry to bother you but I just found a way.

I place \renewcommand{\inserttotalframenumber}{xx} right after \begin{document} where xx is the number of the ‘Questions’ slide or the previous one. The frame numbering continues but the progressbar is completed.


Hi Matthias,

your beamer theme is absolutely beautiful, and I plan on using it for my thesis defense in a couple of months, it will be glorious!

I am having trouble though, with even installing it. I might simply not be smart enough, but I can’t seem to find an already “made” .sty file anywhere. On the GitHub page and in the manual there are make files to run, but I am on windows, and simply need a .sty file to have in the directory with my .tex code. Is there any simple way to get this?

I’m sorry if this question is a little dumb, but I couldn’t seem to find this anywere :(


@Doerg: good that you found a (temporary) solution and also the issue which will hopefully be resolved in the near future.

@Pia: You should be able to produce the .sty files by running latex mtheme.ins in a command window. This is now a necessary step because we produce the .sty files from the annotated sources.


It is possible use the theme in ubuntu?


Hi Matthias, many thanks for your nice theme. Please let me know how to modify it for use with pdflatex (I mean how to modify the font them)? Thank you in advance. Andrzej


@lore: not with a simple apt-get install but following the instructions should be pretty straightforward.

@Andrzej: You could load the theme components that are not related to the font yourself, like this:


Indees! Many thanks!


Can you add a package option to use the dark section slides with the orange progress bar?


Hi, I’m trying to use mtheme, but I’m experiencing a strange bug: every title is not in small case, but in lowercase. I’ve installed Fira Fonts again and again, but I could not have my problem fixed…

Whay can I do?



Hi Gabriele, have you had a look at the everytitleformat option as documented? This controls the appearance of all title fonts and should be in small caps if set to regular.


Love your theme.

I am trying to make the titles lower case instead of all small caps. I have had no success setting the options everytitleformat, plaintitleformat, or titleformat.




I really like the theme you crafted, thank you for your work. One thing seems missing though: \framesubtitle?

Is it an easy fix?



Hi, actually I already compile the demo.tex in ubuntu installing the FIRA FONTS using the suggestion of the website


and using de makefile, but it don´t work using the program texmaker.

Now, I still have problems with the template of the sharelatex. In ubuntu I have problems with the \usepackage{minted} and \usemintedstyle{trac}

Caio Tavares

For those who want to be able to control whether the dark or light color theme is being used, simply define these two commands in your beamer .tex file:

\newcommand{\light}{\setbeamercolor{normal text}{%
\newcommand{\dark}{\setbeamercolor{normal text}{%

And use \dark or \light any time you want to change the color of a frame. In my case, I wanted to have a dark Title frame and the rest of the presentation in light theme. Works perfectly.

Jonathan Todd

Wonderful theme…love it. Beginner to Latex. This must be incredibly obvious, but…how do you actually add the progress bar? :)


@Caio: Thanks for this helpful addition.

@Jonathan: it should be active by default. If not, please open issue at GitHub.


Hello, I just installed this theme (I ran make sty and make install) but it is not using the Fira Sans font (I already installed it). What should I do?


In fact you should not need to anything in particular. Are you compiling with XeLaTeX?


This theme looks brilliant! I just installed the latest version to build my presentation. I will give you a small remark. Have you seen, that section titles with german umlaute are not on the same height?


@Arto: I think this problem should be fixed by this commit.


Matthias, it looks fantastic, thank you. I have noticed though that section titles are hyphenated, which looks weird in some instances. Is there a way to change this behavior? I can’t figure it out, and the PDF manual posted in your Git repository seems to be corrupted.


I suppose that’s regular TeX behaviour, so you could enclose the offending title with \mbox{} to prevent hyphenation.


This theme is simply put sexy…But not in a slutty way. Unlike many other Beamer themes that look as if taken from the 90s or something the Metropolis theme offers simplicity, beautiful palette and great layout. My only wish would be to rework the way the theme handles the \tableofcontents - if you have too few to fill the slide it just creates huge spacing between the sections in the table and it looks bad. Also it would be nice (like in some other beamer themes) to be able to display the progress from slide to slide (following the ToC).


Thanks for the kind words. About the ToC, I will see what we can do. Personally, I never used it in any of my slides but I will just see what it looks like.

Geetha Chandrasekaran

Dear Mathias, I found your beamer theme very elegant and I am planinng to use it for a seminar next month. I use a Mac and the Makefile wouldnt work for me.

Moreover, the Fira Sans font is not available and independently trying to install it is simply not working. Any help would be very useful to get my presentation ready on time.

Matthias Vogelgesang

I use a Mac and the Makefile wouldnt work for me.

Unfortunately, I cannot tell what exactly is not working. If you try to install from source follow section 2.2 in the manual. You can also just open the Makefile and see what’s going on there; each of these steps can also be run directly from the command line.

Moreover, the Fira Sans font is not available and independently trying to install it is simply not working.

Please make sure that you compile with either xelatex or lualatex. Default pdftex cannot make use of system fonts. However, with the current version you wouldn’t even need Fira Sans.


Hey, Matthias. Thank you so much for taking the time to create such a beautiful theme and sharing it with everyone. I have tried to look online with not much success and my questions is whether or not it is possible to change the colors (teal/orange) to something different (like, for instance, a university’s colors for a dissertation defense). If it matters, I am using the template available in Overleaf. Any insight will be appreciated :) Thank you so much for your time.


Great theme, thanks How can I change the numbering of pages to something like 12/50 instead of 12, where 50 is the total number of pages. thanks in advance.


@Adriana: we recently overhauled the color specification. Check section 3.2 of the manual for detailed information on how to do override normaltext et al.

@Ali: this is also covered in the manual in section 3.1.3. Set the numbering key to fraction and you should be good.

Stephen McDowell

Thank you so much for making this – I am very glad to have found it!

If you need help with the FiraSans font on Mac

Many people (myself included) seem to be having trouble using this on Mac. I had been a little confused because I saw that the fira package was already on CTAN (as well as already installed on my computer by default with the mac 2015 install). However, the discussion on the issues page cleared up why it wasn’t working.

Assuming you already have the metropolis theme installed (either from source, or from CTAN), to get the fonts working on OSX you should be able to do:

cd ~/Desktop
git clone https://github.com/mozilla/Fira.git
cp -r ~/Desktop/Fira/otf/ ~/Library/Fonts/

Basically, you just need all of the *.otf files somewhere your tex installation knows where to find them. The above makes these fonts available for the current user only, but it also makes it available for your other applications as well. I am not sure what the impact would be if you put them in /Library/Fonts, but I suppose they could go there without issue.

Hopefully that save somebody some time :)

Question on custom configuration

I very much prefer the dark theme. Using it is straightforward (THANKS), I just do something like


Is there a way for me to change just the top banner color to be something else for regular frames? Like instead of a white titlebar section with the majority of the slide black, is there a simple way to make the top banner red or something?

I’m happy to fork the repo / dig around and find where this actually needs to happen, but since I’m generally very new to beamer / metropolis / tex slides, I was wondering if there was a \(beamer/metro)set command that would do this.

Thanks for any help, and thanks again for this awesome slide theme!!!

Lars Nielsen

Thank you so much, for this great LaTeX Beamer theme.


Stephen thanks for the tips of installing Fira font on Mac! And Matthias, thank you this elegant beamer theme.

Vince Hodges

If anyone is interested, I hacked together a theme for reveal.js that resembles Metropolis (not really a port). Not perfect by any stretch, but looks nice. Improvements welcome!



Wow, this is cool indeed!


Hi ! First of all, thank you for your work.

Someone has already asked this question. I wanna to change the orange color for the separation bar in the titlepage and the orange of the progress bar to replace with the color of my university.

I try from your documentation

\definecolor{blueucl}{RGB}{0,87,156} %which is the color of my university
\setbeamercolor{progress bar}{blueucl}
\setbeamercolor{title separator}{blueucl}
\setbeamercolor{progress bar in head/foot}{blueucl}
\setbeamercolor{progress bar in section page}{blueucl}

But It doesn’t work, I have the following error:

"Package xkeyval Error: `blueucl' undefined in families `beamerthc'. \setbeamercolor{progress bar}{blueucl}"

Sorry for the dum question !

Have a nice day !


Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been on hiatus.

You forgot to choose what your blue means, i.e. foreground or background. A correct call would be something like \setbeamercolor{progress bar}{fg=blueucl}.


Hello Matthias,

i really like the feel of this theme, and have already used it like twice in my presentations. I have although an issue which i can not solve.

I use RStudio/RMarkdown to do my presentations, and the pdfs generation work just fine under Windows. Although when i go to my Mac, it fails to compile and i am unsure why – i tried both with the pdfLaTeX and XeLaTeX, both fail . . .

Here is the error message: http://pastebin.com/hHLRMxHV

And here is my RMarkdown preamble: http://pastebin.com/3tP4YBTY

Any help would be welcomed.


Beautiful theme, nice job!

Is it correct though that there is currently no support for boxes without title? I’m aware that I can “fake” them, but most themes have a check included that disables the darker bar on top in this case.


@FelipeM: hmm, looks like the style file is not installed into the correct location. Unfortunately, I don’t own a Mac and know where the correct location should be.

@Alexander: with boxes you mean the block environments or the frames themselves? If the latter is meant, please file a feature request at GitHub.


hi :-)

i just found your theme yesterday and its awesome. using it for my masterthesis’ presentation.

but i have a question… is it possible to change the “thickness” of the progressbar? i find it difficult to to see the small line under the blue head. and i like the theme so i would rather change the thickness of that line instead of changing the color. i didn’t stumble on anything in the docs… or did i oversee it?

kind regards


Hi friedrich, no at the moment it is not possible to increase the height of the progress bar without messing the internals. If you like you can open a feature request on the GitHub issue tracker.



Is there a way to remove the title from the ‘block’ environment? Basically, I want to place a box around text to highlight it, and the block environment with empty title seems the way to do it (is there a better one?), but the dark bar remains on top of the block box.


We do not redefine the block environment, so the better way to achieve this is to use beamercolorbox directly.


Hi, I desire to subscribe for this web site to obtain latest updates, therefore where can i do it please assist. aeegebkaeaef


Hi, development happens exclusively on GitHub so you could monitor issues and commits there. Other than that, there is no real way to “subscribe” somewhere for updates.


Hi Matthias and a big thank you. Just some minor questions:

  • As I really liked the “dark” section breaks. How do I “revive” them? To which version do I have to revert to in order to use them?
  • To add a logo on the footer, I’m using something like:


Clearly, this adds a line in the middle of the logo (the logo has the same color as the line) till almost end of page to allow pages to show. However, since I trust your taste more than mine, any suggestion is more than welcome.



  1. phew that’s a very long time ago and AFAIR was never part of any of the releases on CTAN, if I stumble upon that I can let you know.
  2. Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce a slide. Could you give me a more complete example?

With progressbar sections, there’s a page added with the section title at the beginning of each section. But I’m observing that the bibliography section is treated differently. Instead of the section title and progress bar on its own page, it shows up at the top of the first page of the bibliography (under the frame title). I’m using biblatex & inserting the bibliography like this:


Why is the bibliography section treated differently from the other sections? Is there some way to give it the same treatment?



I don’t really understand the problem here. Why should there be a section-like frame if you just specify a regular frame with bibliography content?


Dear Matthias,

this is wonderful, I intend to use your theme for my PhD Defense on beginning of November. I would like to know if you have some option to generate a progression bar, or progression symbols on each slide ?

Thanks in advance, what you have done is terrific. Sylvain


As per the manual, you can enable the progress bar on the slides by setting the progressbar option to head, frametitle or foot, e.g. \usepackage[progressbar=frametitle]{metropolis}.


Thank you Matthias, I haven’t understood how to incorporate this ! Thank you for your kindness



One question here: How to change the background color in “block” section. I have noticed that “\metroset{block=fill}” controls the background but now I want to change it to red or blue instead of gray, how can I do that? Thanks


Anything that is not explicitly stated in the manual can be controlled through standard Beamer facilities. To set the background of the block use \setbeamercolor{block body}{bg=red}.

Cynthia Gerlein-Safdi


Thanks for the beautiful beamer theme, it will probably become a favorite. Just one problem for me: is there any way to make the background white instead of the default light gray? I have a lot of figures with colorbars and such that have a white background, and it looks really weird with the slide background being in a different color. Thanks!