Now served with HTTPS

Thanks to the generous offerings from the Let’s Encrypt initiative and certificate authority, you can now find all content securely hosted. Because I am still somewhat suspicious of the automatic certification process provided by the official client and I serve this site with Nginx, I followed along the description of letsencrypt-nosudo for a semi-automatic process. All in all, it took about 15 minutes to get a free SSL certificate recognized by Firefox and Chrome.


Update: looks like one can also sign semi-automatically using the official client.

Update: Any problems should be solved now with the Let’s Encrypt certificate signed by IdenTrust.


Christoph Vigano

Firefox 42 on Windows 8.1 can’t verify the validity of the certificate. Is your delivery mechanism sound?


Hmm, good question. I am also using Firefox 42 but on Ubuntu 14.04. I’ll try to investigate the issue.