On a personal note:

A lot has been written about, a public directory of public encryption keys associated with usernames and additional “verification proofs”. Yesterday, I was admitted to the circle of alpha testers and could grab the user name. Despite some initial problems, the website itself works just fine. Using the keybase client turned out to be a dead end though. It requires a fairly recent NodeJS and npm which are both not packaged for my long-term choice of Linux distribution. Thus, right now, the service offered to me is quite limited, because I am also not willing to upload my client-encrypted key.

I have four invites left, so if you are interested in trying that service, just drop me a line. And yes, I have a Twitter account for five years now, but this is and (probably will) be the last occasion that I use it.


Mon, Apr 14 2014

If you have any of those invites left I would like if you could send one my way. Would really like to see what all this excitement is about.

Mon, Apr 14 2014

I do not save comment email addresses, so if you could just write me to, I can send you an invite.

Sat, Jan 16 2016

Do you have any invites left?

Mon, Jan 18 2016

Yes, I do. Just send me a mail to my private mail address.